Training is vital for effective programs

Connect your programs to your work environment with GMP, Warehouse, Sanitation and more training services from FSCG.

FSCG provides training for all levels of your organization within the Production, Quality, Maintenance and Sanitation departments.  From the Management Team to Technicians and Sanitors, we know that in order for your plant to perform at a high level, there must be a unified vision.  FSCG’s training services are the  bridge that connects your company’s Quality and Sanitation policies with plant wide implementation.

Featured training programs

sanitation training

We provide classroom training on Sanitation Methods and Principles, which includes:

  • Effective removal of product residue from equipment
  • Identifying and cleaning microbial niche areas
  • How to verify sanitation effectiveness
  • Monitoring the sanitation process for long-term sustainability

FSCG will work directly with your employees on the production floor to implement classroom learnings.  Our Sanitation Training is available in English and Spanish.

Quality Assurance Training

Our Quality Assurance training is tailored to each plant’s specific needs.  We cover both HACCP and GMP training.  Our workshops include:

  • Effective Pre-Op Inspections to ensure clean startup
  • How to build robust monitoring systems to alert staff early to deviations
  • GMP Program Development
  • Integrating Quality Systems through teamwork

Our consultants have a full spectrum of direct Quality Assurance and Sanitation experience and knowledge.

sanitation assessments by FSCG

warehouse and maintenance training

Although Maintenance and Warehouse personnel are included in Sanitation and Quality training services, there may be times where separate training classes are needed.  We tailor training specific for these groups that focuses on the important role these departments play in Sanitation and Quality Assurance. 

By integrating Maintenance and Warehouse systems, our Sanitation and Quality training can help to prevent cross contamination by Maintenance activity and ensure safe cold and dry storage of finished products and ingredients.