sanitation assessments and more

FSCG conducts a variety of assessments.  Not only do we audit your company’s programs, we help you evaluate and develop processes to make sure those gaps are properly addressed.


Assessments by food systems consulting group

GMP Sanitation Assessments from FSCG


FSCG provides facility assessments for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  This includes written program evaluation, employee production floor practices, facility maintenance and more.
pest control sanitation assessments

pest control

FSCG can assess pest control programs including rodent and insect control.  Pest Control Assessments may be performed separately or combined with GMP, Warehouse or Sanitation Assessments.
quality assurance programs


FSCG conducts Warehouse Assessments for plants or third party warehouses including cold or dry storage.  We evaluate written programs and effective implementation of Quality Storage Practices, GMPs, Sanitary Practices and Pest Control.

quality assurance & sanitation assessments

sanitation assessments by FSCG

Quality Assurance and Sanitation Assessments are very in-depth.    Our goal is to help clients not only know they have program gaps but understand how program gaps can impact their process and how to address them.


Quality Assurance

Assessment of your Quality Assurance Program takes one to one and a half days. We evaluate written programs, plant monitoring processes, verification documentation, HACCP Plan, GMPs, corrective action process and more. Time is also spent on the plant floor assessing how effectively your quality programs have been implemented.

Sanitation Assessments

Sanitation Program Assessment is a two day process. We evaluate written programs on day one and observe your actual cleaning process with Sanitors on day two. As part of the Assessment, you have the option to have microbial swabs taken for indicator organisms (non-pathogen) to verify cleaning effectiveness of product contact and non-product contact surfaces.

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